Molesters Let Go Free to Walk the Fucking Streets

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Okay so I live in Texas the state of the death penalty we put down quicker than they can bring the charges. I like it I love it death penalty good . LETTING FUCKING MOLESTERS GO BAD. And I may be slow this may be old news but it shouldn’t be.

Ok so like everybody out there I have seen the NBC sting show To Catch a Predator love it in fact.For those out there that haven’t seen NBC and the Group Perverted Justice run stings to catch sex offenders who solicit children online. Now as a mother, as a victim of molestation when I was a young child, and as a texan I am so fucking angry.

They set up a sting in Murphy Texas to catch these men and after all was said and done the stupid local Prosecutor DORIS BERRY will not Prosecutor. Supposedly because they had not enough evidence and because the sting was conducted by police officers although they were present when the PERVERTS showed up.

Here is a copy of the email sent to people from the DAs officee asking why not.

From Assistant District Attorney Greg Davis

Thank you for your email.

No one despises sexual predators more than John Roach and the prosecutors who work in the Collin County District Attorney’s Office. We’ve seen first-hand the damage they’ve done to children and families, and it sickens us as parents and as prosecutors. As a result, many of us have devoted our professional careers to fighting these predators, putting them in prison, or putting them on death row so that they will never harm another child. And, I’m proud to say that we’ve been very successful in our efforts. Predators that faced us recently have learned a hard lesson – don’t commit this type of crime in Collin County unless you’re prepared to go to prison for a good chunk your life – because we show no mercy to sexual predators.

As prosecutors, we are sworn to uphold the law and apply the same legal standard in every case – no matter how much we despise the crime or the criminal. Otherwise, the law loses all meaning, and no one can have any confidence in the criminal justice system. In this instance, we reviewed the Murphy cases multiple times over several months to see if we could find a way to legally accept them for prosecution. We applied the applicable legal standards, and ultimately found that the cases were legally deficient. In many of cases, we found that we had no legal jurisdiction to prosecute because legally the crime occurred outside Collin County . In many cases, we could not prosecute because Perverted Justice refused to answer our questions, refused to participate as witnesses, or refused to turn over potential evidence. We could not accept cases that lacked jurisdiction, necessary witnesses or necessary evidence.

Before this investigation ever began, we advised all concerned that we were in the law enforcement business – not show business. We advised them that we would apply legal standards to all resulting cases. Perverted Justice chose to proceed with the program anyway. They achieved big ratings and favorable publicity. We chose to follow the law. It was the right thing to do. We will continue to do so in all future cases – no matter how much we despise the crime or the criminal. You and the other citizens deserve nothing less from John Roach and the prosecutors who work on your behalf.

I know this email may not lessen your frustration, but I hope that it helps you better understand the situation. If you wish help in the fight against child abuse, you can call the Collin County Child Advocacy Center in Plano . They are always in need of more volunteers and private donations.

Gregory S. Davis
First Assistant District Attorney
Collin County , Texas

BULLSHIT Got to perverted Justice to read their replies to this . Replies to the email

This is sick. One of the perverts was a Prosecutor in a nearby county who when police showed up to arrest him shot himself HUH YOU THINK HE MIGHT HAVE BEEN GUILTY!!!!

Murphy has a vision statement on there website that reads and I quote

“Murphy will remain a vibrant, family-oriented, distinctive city that fosters a strong sense of community and connection between its local government and citizens.”

Oh yeah it can remain real family oriented with child predators running around. People were upset they were running the sting in their neighborhood well hello folks PERVERTS live everywhere in fact where I live there are 3 on the sex offender list near me COME ON. The sting took place with police officers present to arrest the PERVERTS came in knowing they were going to the house they went in they attempted there line of BULLSHIT cops arrested them. Your kids were in no DANGER. TO CATCH A PREDATOR is more than welcome to come to home my neighborhood my town and they can run as many stings as they like to get rid of the FUCKING bastards.

Yeah I am mad I am so very angry at the fact that these men (yes they are woman predators but none showed up during this sting) could still be walking around now some the state did get (THANK GOD) but not all come Murphy quite hiding in the closet put your big girl panties on and put these MOTHERFUCKERS away.

The story that got me all hot and bothered about this can be found here.

Also because I am a big giant bitch here is a list of names from the men arrested in the sting.
For your memory, here is a list of men arrested over that four day sting operation:
# Eric Rubalcava, age 31, from Houston
# John Baker, age 25, from Frisco
# Stanley Kendall, age 54, from Mesquite
# Timothy Gilliam, age 32, from Flower Mound
# Asif Khokar, age 27, from Houston
# Samuel Tanguma, age 27, from Grand Prairie
# Steve Rosello, age 32, from Kennedale
# Edward Hollingsworth, age 35, from Dallas
# Milan Mehta, age 46, from Richardson
# Sajjad Mohammad, age 43, from Murphy
# David Pann, age 40, from Lewisville
# Alan Chernnay, age 58, from Plano
# William Dow, age 63, from Carrollton
# Kevin Carroll, age 37, from Carrollton
# Jose Soto, age 54, from Mesquite
# Christopher Cothrum, age 23, from Westworth Village
# Justin Estes, age 27, from Plano
# Paulo Deassuncao, age 37, from McKinney
# Timothy Knowles, age 35, from Euless
# Patrick Parr, age 33, from Frisco
# Randall Wolford, age 52, from Whitewright
More about this from pereverted justice can be found here and here and here.

If you want to search for sex offenders in texas click here.

If you want to search for them in your area or state click here.

And if your in Texas or anywhere for that matter and would like to contact anyone in Murphy concerning this incident here ya go this lists all contact info.

Doris Berry – (972)548-4323 Ext. 4333

Contact page for the Collin County Intake Division, the division responsible for declining to prosecute – Click here

Contact pages for the Collin County congressional representatives:
House Rep: Jodie Laubenberg: Contact Page

Senate Rep Florence Shapiro:
Contact Page

Write Them Tell them What you think.


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